Last night my college sports team played in the big time sports game that all of the basketball sport people try really hard to get in all year! Last year they made it to the sports game, too, but didn’t score as many points as the other team, and so subsequently, they lost. But this year was a different sports story. I donned my sports hat and went to the bar to watch. There were a few other UNC sports fans also in attendance, and occasionally our eyes would meet and we would softly whisper to each other, sports. Our collective enthusiasm for the game clearly affected the players as they not only scored points but also blocked the other teams points from happening, thus keeping their own score more than that of the other team’s. When the clock ran out, they had the MOST points of any team playing in the game and they WON! Oh man. Sometimes it feels like sports is so much like life. But then I remember sports IS life. Everything else is just seasonal house decorations from Walgreens. 

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