When we started the American Gods writers room, I basically barreled in there like I CALL EASTER I WANT TO WRITE THE EASTER GODDESS EPISODE ALSO HI. As we all know I am clinically obsessed with Easter and order my honey ham weeks in advance. Luckily enough I was heard, and I then got to spend months researching my most favorite holiday. It has fascinating origins, pagan beginnings morphing into Christian worship. Egg hunts were once a pagan activity. Once Christians came into power, they would actually spot children hunting for eggs around the time of Ostara festival, follow the children home to their pagan parents, and then, you know, throw them in jail. These and other fascinating facts are maybe or maybe not included in my episode, which is also the season finale, last I heard, and which stars KRISTEN CHENOWETH. This press picture of her in her psychotically flower dress, her power beneath her whimsy, is everything I have ever needed or wanted. DONE! 

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