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Re: tomorrow….

Leticia: We’re blind. We can’t see beyond an arm’s reach. We don’t believe our life will last beyond the day. We only know what we have in our hand to put in our mouth, to put in our stomach, and to put in our pocket. We take care of our pocket, but not of our country. We take care of our stomachs but not of our hungry. We are primitive. We don’t believe in the future. Each night when the sun goes down we think that’s the end of life — so we have one last fling. We don’t think we have a future. We don’t think we have a country. Ask anybody, “Do you have a country?” They’ll say, “Yes.” Ask them, “What is your country?” They’ll say, “My bed, my dinner plate.” But, things can change. They can. I have changed. You have changed.

Maria Irene Fornes / The Conduct of Life / 1985

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