marriage, day two of infinity

Sometimes we are smart and good with planning, so we gave ourselves a day in the mountains after the wedding / after everyone left, before we re-integrated into real life, because our brains are currently a mush of  YOU: SPOUSE and LOVE: GOOD.  We awoke to the kind of sunrise that makes you feel at once tiny and important:

And spent the morning frolicking through and staring at my absolute favorite weather.

I know I’m deluded, but I’ve decided that every married day is like this if you allow it the space to be, though sometimes you are ignoring each other, sometimes you or they are the most annoying person in the world, sometimes one of you are covered in dirt or stress or puke. But then you close your eyes, after rubbing the puke off them so it  doesn’t get in your contact lens, and you remember how very simple and good it can be.

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