diary of moments

Just so that I never forget the madness that has descended upon me in the last few weeks as I prepare to emerge from my woman cocoon or whatever the heck, here is just a sampling of moments I have found myself in, see also, mental note for after wedding, PERHAPS SEEK HELP FOR POTENTIAL ANXIETY DISORDER:

– I paid a tiny chinese woman 100 dollars basically to cry onto her when she asked me ‘why I was so anxious.’ She then stuck needles in me to ‘redisperse my energy’ and I cried so hard that the needles fell out

– I sobbed onto Morrison about ‘whether or not our love is deep enough’

– I tried to lift so much weights so as to have toned arms that I literally strained my Heart

– I spilled cleanse crack water all over a bed in a strangers house, cleaned it up and cried

– I laid on the floor of my office softly repeating ‘too much, too much, too much’

– I ordered and returned something in the vicinity of 37 pairs of gold tennis shoes

– I ate wine for dinner

– I cried because Music

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