I love the Dixie Chicks. I am a cliche. I don’t even CARE. These gals got me through high school. They are the very sound an old blue Beretta makes combined with tradition and optimism and bravery a deep yearning to run far and alone. They have soundtracked my plays and their Landslide cover is the only thing that truly calms me down. Last night, I got to see them live, some 20 years after they first happened. Not only did they slay / cover Beyonce / do classics / push limits, there was ALSO MILD YET EFFECTIVE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL COMMENTARY, to the point where, during this particular song:

My friend Mary leaned over, and sort of stunned-said, Look at this. We live in America. God Bless these gals from their boots to their banjos. SLAY FOREVER, CHICKS.

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