the urge

Is anyone else sometimes completely overcome by an aggressive need to time travel back to when there was no such thing as phones that lived in our pockets and so we left our houses free of every person we know, and headed to meet the one person we’ve agreed to see, and just spent that agreed upon, unchanged time with that one person? But that is no longer so, and so you are then overcome by an overwhelming sadness that that purity of time spent can no longer be? So what then follows is a need to do violent things our phones, throw them into traffic / drop them off bridges / run them over with cars just so they’ll no longer be, and then lastly, the last part, the yearning to have the part of your brain that makes one reach for their phone, check it obsessively, search for something new that never satisfies, surgically removed? YES? ALL OF US FEEL OF THIS THING?  GOOD TO KNOW.

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