Last year I had the pleasure of writing a web series for the lovely Paten Hughes, an actor slash tomato farmer, about, well, an actor slash tomato farmer, who tries to find a new life purpose when she inherits a relative’s farm, HENCE THE TITLE HEIRLOOM AS IN THE FARM SHE INHERITED, AND ALSO THE TOMATO VARIETAL, KEEP UP PEOPLE. LAYERS. It’s sweet and optimistic and charming and I can’t wait to see how abruptly it makes people abandon all things and run desperately to the nearest grocery store in search of  tomatoes and burrata and basil and a pinch of sea salt, which would be the only thing I wanted to  eat while writing the show. Episodes go up on Vimeo September 9th. More info Here! IT REALLY MATERS TO ME THAT YOU WATCH IT.

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