Full and embarrassing disclosure:  I haven’t really engaged in previous elections for president, or well, really any at all. Growing up with a Dad in politics, I told myself for years: that’s his realm. It does not concern you. Let him be the one involved in that. We didn’t discuss or debate politics much at home, either, given that my Dad had to deal with that shiz all day, and once home, he just wanted to eat his lasagna in peace. Also, like many Americans: the elections always felt, in a way, like they did not concern me. They felt like pageants, like articles I would read but not get. It’s a privilege of a person with a lot of, well, other privileges: to feel so safe and protected, that they do not need to engage. But this election feels at once personal and scary, on so many levels. With this shirt purchased from Hillary’s campaign, color me officially locked in. Active. Engaged. I AM SO VERY WITH HER.

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