I am the universe beholding itself

I love coming up to Morrison’s family’s place in Olympia, Washington, because:

and more specifically because: it makes you slow down and stare at the sky and ask yourself large questions, think grand thoughts, which happens in normal life approximately never.  Last night, Morrison remembered a quote which is something like ‘we are the universe beholding itself,’ meaning: the universe is vast and terrifying, until we remember that we came from it. And so, why be afraid?  Instead just be in awe. (But also a little bit afraid because we are CONSTANTLY ON A ROCK WHICH IS HURTLING THROUGH SPACE AND TIMMMEEEEEE!) Actual quote is from a poem Hymn of Apollo by Percy Bysshe Shelley:

I am the eye with which the Universe
Beholds itself, and knows it is divine;
All harmony of instrument or verse,
All prophecy, all medicine, is mine,
All light of art or nature; – to my song
Victory and praise in its own right belong.

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