Everyone and their actual moms and dads and kids are currently obsessed with this app, Pokemon Go, which in a single week has become THE MOST POPULAR APP IN US HISTORY. Basically you take your phone, look through it, and search for and collect pokemons. Seems simple, but this game has led to robberies / meet cutes / dead body discoveries / religious experiences as people find themselves entering church for the first time in their lives — TO SEARCH FOR POKEMONS.  People are hunting for Pokemon in the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. People are coming together, taking to the streets, trespassing, falling in love. In a way it’s kind of cool, because it’s getting people to look at the actual world in a new way, and actually interact with and experience it — but on the other hand, PEOPLE ARE HUNTING FOR POKEMON. IN THE HOLOCAUST. MUSEUM. K COOL SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE WHEN WE CARRY OUR SOULS IN METAL CONTAINERS OUTSIDE OF OUR BODIES.

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