(a substantial part of) the problem

I don’t want to pretend to fully understand what UK’s vote to leave the EU really means for its countries, or the reasons behind deciding to leave, or stay. But: I read today that after the votes were cast and counted — google analytics revealed that A WHOLE LOT OF BRITS TOOK TO THE INTERNET TO GOOGLE ‘WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LEAVE THE EU’ and even ‘WHAT IS THE EU?’




I will be the first to admit I am guilty of this. But also, we all are. We the people of the internets. We get riled up about things before we even fully understand them, because it’s cool to get riled up. We click and like and share but don’t take ten minutes to think deeply about what it is that we are liking / clicking / sharing. We hop on bandwagons cause there’s free drinks inside and mini quiches and old books and people with fun hats and impressive IMDBs  BUT WHERE IS THE BANDWAGON GOING, EVEN? WE SHOULD KNOW. NOT YELLING AT ALL OF ENGLAND, YELLING AT MYSELF.

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