my nightmare

So maybe yesterday I was supposed to fly back from NYC to get back to LA today to start a new job, and maybe they HAD US BOARD AND TAXI THEN SUDDENLY GET SENT BACK AND DEPLANE AND WAIT MORE THEN GET BACK ON THEN AGAIN HAVE ALL HOPES AND DREAMS FOR TRAVEL SHATTERED AND MAYBE THIS HAPPENED THREE SEPARATE TIMES AND I CLEARLY HAVE A PERSONAL PROBLEM WITH THINGS NOT BEING IN MY CONTROL SPECIFICALLY WHEN IT COMES TO PLANS. But this is beside the point. My point: throughout this ordeal, I kept texting Morrison / parents / whoever would listen, ‘this is my nightmare.’ Today, after some reflection, I think I need to stop using this go to phrase, as there are actual people living out actual nightmares, and the fact that I’m stuck waiting and eating wilting lettuce is, in fact, not a nightmarish situation, LIKE EVEN AT ALL. Inconveniences are not nightmares. They are things that make us let go of plans, be where we are. Next time, I will try and take those moments to just like maybe be grateful that I am alive, like at all.

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