Girls on the Run LA 5K!

Blaine got me so crushin on this organization so hard that as soon as I got back from NC, I went online to see if there was an LA chapter. And sure enough, today was the 5k. I grabbed my friend Alexis,

No literally, a few times I accidentally grabbed her when swerving to avoid those having made the sensible choice to walk / meander around the lake.  We ran with hundreds of kids in tutus screaming Taylor Swift lyrics, and pretended that we TOO got to go to bed at eight and that our futures were vast and ahead of us and that we too lacked self consciousness and that no boys had  burned us yet.  But If I’m being real,  the actual challenge was  TRYING TO REMEMBER HOW TO APPLY A TEMPORARY TATTOO.

You guys, at least three temporary tattoos and many spongefuls of water died in the process.

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