Every month, it seems, a major publication releases an article that basically just says, hey guys guess what! There is going to be a major earthquake in LA REAL. SOON. Every time I read one, I inevitably waste heart and brain space worrying about collapsed roofs and visualizing pillaged Whole Foods, cracked jars of almond butter,  and people peeing in gutters and what if I can’t get to my contact lenses. So what if, just hear me out, All of the Newspapers, what if we all just agreed to know the fact that at any moment, California could aggressively shake for two minutes straight and kill us all, either with its shaking, or with the disease and mania to come after? To know it, and forget it, to go about our lives as if we live on something solid and safe and unflappable and NOT ‘locked, loaded, and ready to roll.’ MUST WE CREATE SUCH FEAR ABOUT SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE PREVENTED?

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