today, on fresh thoughts

As part of an ongoing effort to explore different parts of California,  and force my brain to think newer and larger thoughts, I have hightailed it up to Santa Barbara for a day /night  to write,  by which I of course mean, go wine ‘tasting’ to the point where I am so joyful and full of Rose that all of the retired folks at the bar around me must hear my life story and I fall asleep in a facemask, surrounded by peanut M&Ms. Also known as: yesterday. But today: one stroll and one bikeride by the beach later, I already have not one but TWO half-baked television ideas about donuts, and have spent a good half an hour wondering how miraculous it is that children’s brains form, like at all, to the point where they can point at me and say, she is on a bike! And know that I am a she, and that is a Bike.

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