The Skimm

I’ve been trying this app called The Skimm and I can’t tell if it’s brilliant or giving me a brain tumor. It’s basically Local and World news for the Busy and also Social Media Savy Woman? Every morning, you click, and they give you a 2-3 minute scroll worth of what’s happening, with a solid sprinkle of pop culture and memes, tucked between bombings and laws. I have to say, there is something kind of soothing about it, going through the day knowing that I’ve Skimmed, that I have a sense of all that is right and wrong with the world. It certainly saves me time,  as it delivers information to me and I don’t have to seek it out. But why do I feel like I am a robot and every morning pertinent information is uploaded into my brain? IS IT BECAUSE I AM IN FACT A ROBOT, AND EVERY MORNING, PERTINENT INFO IS UPLOADED INTO MY BRAIN?

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