My Place.

Dear Angels:

I started rehearsals this week for my Heaven Playyyyyy! It is my first production in quite some time that features more than just someone’s futon and a limited light grid (though, don’t get me wrong. I aggressively heart those productions, too, for their scrappiness and ingenuity.) In the director’s welcome speech to actors, designers, and theater staff —   he mentioned that one of the producers stepped up to back the play because it was ‘so positive.’ I beamed and glowed and immediately coupled this in my head with the fact that last week, one of my bosses told me that my writing lacked cynicism, and that’s what he likes about it. I think I now officially know my place. Maybe I intentionally carved it out for myself and am just now realizing it. I WRITE THINGS THAT ARE POSITIVE. THAT ARE NOT CYNICAL. THAT HAVE HOPE. There is beauty and depth and significance in the dark, too, but that is not my place. My place is in the light.

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