So I went to Kleinfelds, the large and fancy wedding dress store where they film Say Yes to Dress because I mean YOU ONLY LIVE / MARRY ONCE / HOW COULD I DEPRIVE MY MOTHER OF THIS EXPERIENCE.  Also, we found sister Carrie’s dress there, so it just had to done. My mom popped up from Maryland and we all gathered to oooooh and also ahhhhhhhh. I mostly just wanted to go for the experience, like SORT of ironically, like how even dare I, but then of course my mind was blown. After trying on some perfect gorgeous things that were like what I’ve been trying on, I asked my ‘stylist’ which is the only time I will ever use that sentence to bring me anything in the entire store that she thought that I should wear, and so she did. She zipped me in, I waltzed into the main room, checked myself out, friends and mother cried, and suddenly I could see myself walking towards Morrison and I’d never felt more lovely and the word YASSSSSSSSS literally erupted from the depths of the princess soul that I did not even know that I had.

Of course I will not post a picture of Yes Dress here. ONLY THIS CLUE.

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