Late January each year, twenty percent of all theater and TV and film people disappear to Sundance, which is still a thing that I don’t fully understand. It’s a film festival, but everyone goes, regardless of whether or not you actually have a film there. In my mind, everybody mills about in their grandmother’s fur coats, standing in lines, shaking hands, or standing in lines shaking hands. It’s impossible to get tickets to the screenings and the famous people parties, but if you go, you can find a way into either, if you know the right person, and if you don’t, I think you just kind of walk around in your baller winter fairy clothes you never get to wear. It seems at once the most fun and and most horrible thing in the world BY WHICH I MEAN I REALLY WANT TO GO SO THAT I CAN FINALLY SAY I CAN’T COME TO THE (EVENT) I WILL BE AT SUNDANCE, BUT THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ASKING.

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