ALRIGHT. Maybe this stance is a copout and keeps me from having to make any difficult decisions, maybe it keeps me away from anything that resembles Conviction, but I really, REALLY feel like when it comes to things that divide people so aggressively, the answer is always somewhere in the middle. Media is glorifying mass shootings which is making them far more frequent. ADDITIONALLY, THEY ARE FAR MORE FREQUENT. The answer is not No Guns. The answer is ALSO  NOT sit by and do nothing while it keeps happening. IT IS HAPPENING, AND DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION. And so there must must be a middle ground. Americans have the right to protect themselves and their families from criminals or their own governments or aliens or zombies or robots or cars that come to life or anything that threatens them. If we ban assault rifles, SICK PEOPLE WILL FIND A WAY TO GET THEM ANYWAYS.  The answer is somewhere in the middle. It has to be. I can get behind what Obama is proposing, first and foremost, because he is DOING SOMETHING. He is trying to make it HARDER. He is not taking anyone’s guns away. He is just trying to make it HARDER. Who knows what he will actually be able to implement without congress, who knows if he will actually get $500 million of federal funding for mental Health — but for those who feel like guns aren’t the problem, but that mental health is — are you with him now? Can you acknowledge that SOMETHING must be done?

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