So I got myself a new yoga mat, because my old one was gray, and I decided I definitely needed a bright color that shouted at me each morning with optimism. Heading to class this morning,  I wondered if I can donate my old yoga mat to the homeless, THOUGHT THE ACTUAL BRAIN INSIDE OF MY HEAD. I immediately slapped myself while walking which is not a weird thing to see a person carrying a cartoon dinosaur purple yoga mat do. Homeless people don’t get to do YOGA. BUT. I thought about it more. Homeless people definitely need yoga mats, Brunstetter. FOR THE SLEEPING. Most of them sleep on cardboard boxes, or on the actual ground. Two seconds on the inter web, and I already found this great charity that collects old mats and donates them to the homeless, as well as Vets, people with eating disorders, inmates, anyone who doesn’t have 40 bucks lying around and could benefit from breathing and stretching. Take a look and considering donating your old friend, or swapping out for a new one, giving yours a wipe down, and giving it to someone who needs it. In fact, may we (I) (mostly I) have a year of heightened awareness of need, less self deprication / wariness of seeming cliche, and more generosity.

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