games for girls

As I have noted here previously, it might be the case that I belong to a book club that is specifically for young adult fiction from the 60s/70s/80s and I don’t know, maybe here we are at our meeting last night:

There are a lot of things I like about this club and it’s not just the girls or the cheese. Each meeting, we seem to end up making up a dance or telling stories about our childhoods, or, last night, after a fervent discussion about the latent feminism in Nightbirds on Nantucket, we took one of the sailor songs from the book and set it to music with Erica’s mandolin. When we do these activities, we always end up giggling with a strange euphoria. They are the kinds of things that girls used to do to amuse themselves or each other before we had, you know, apps or electricity. It’s nice to return to this sort of candle-lit creativity and then of course ¬†IMMEDIATELY PUT IT ON INSTAGRAM.

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