wee trees!

I have always loved to the point of sickness these Little Debbie Christmas trees cakes. They are festive and delicious and made of feelings and vanilla and cavities.  I’m pretty sure if I happened across one in July, like in the bottom of a trash can, I would still eat it.

Spoiler: the above pictured are little Debbie tree cakes that this amazing guy MADE FROM SCRATCH. When I found some wee Christmas tree cake tins in an antique store, I knew that I too must make my own and I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD.

Fluffy little spice cake guys with brown sugar butter glaze, topped with little cartoon Christmas holly pieces and sparkle sprinkle snow. Martha, you’re DONE, go home, you’re boring. I don’t think I’ve felt this special or accomplished since I finished grad school, and even that was not that big of a deal because I COULD NOT PUT IT IN MY FACE.

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