I got to attend and present at the LA Ovation Awards last night — an awesome annual ceremony that recognizes outstanding plays, because guys, THERE IS THEATER IN LOS ANGELES AND IT IS GREAT. My brother play Hey Brother got nominated, and while I did not win, I had the best time, as I love any excuse to dress up / face a glass of white wine / eat free cheese.  Highlights included straightening my hair in an office bathroom, donning my new favorite article of clothing which is a strictly business and lace pantsuit that makes me feel like I own a high end underwear company and am a millionaire,  doing the Charleston backstage with my friend and co-presenter Madhuri Shekar so as to dispel nervous energy, ASL-cheering for Deaf West’s Spring Awakening over and over and over, rambling into this microphone about the moment when the Captain tips Maria Von Trapp’s chin up to kiss her and how that moment is special to me,

and most importantly, hob nobbing and red carpeting around with Morrison Keddie, the best date ever, and making him ocassionally hold my tiny purse.

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