here / gone

Reason #57 I love to write plays: they exist in a singular moment and cannot be fully recreated. Each person watching it shapes the tone with their own life experiences,  the lives the actors have lived that day shape their performances, if someone is lonely or tired or constipated or falling in or out of love, that hangs in the theater, big or small, and affects the thing, and then it ends, and in a way, it never happens again. The next night the same lines are read, but it’s not the same. Reading this morning about Christo and the late Jean Claude (artists who did the golden gate installation in Central park) and Christo’s next big move: to create a GIANT GOLDEN FLOATING PIER IN A LAKE IN ITALY SO THAT PEOPLE CAN WALK ON WATER:

I love how there are people on the earth whose sole dream is to create large pieces of art for people to interact with in a profound and TEMPORARY sort of way. So much of what is created today  can be accessed and accessed again online, which perhaps robs it of some of its specialness?  Christo says:  “I don’t like anything about computers. Young people today on their flat screens, it’s all virtual; nothing is real. All our projects involve real things — real wind, real sun, real wet, real danger, real drama. And this is very invigorating for me.” And also:  “It creates an incredible urgency,” Christo said, “because it will never take place again. And That’s why it’s so exciting.”

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