I know that there is violence everywhere, always will be, forwards and backwards in time. And I acknowledge that confiscating all of the guns currently owned in the US is unconstitutional and would take 8,000 years. Yes. But. AT THIS POINT CAN’T WE ALL AGREE THAT SOMETHING MUST CHANGE? Isn’t it getting harder to ignore?  Can’t we all see now that this could happen, at this point, ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME, when you are working out or taking your french class or grabbing some juice for the morning,  when you are doing any of a million innocuous things, you or your friend or your kid or your parent could be shot to death?  Can’t we at least agree to make it just A LITTLE BIT HARDER TO GET A GUN so that MAYBE JUST A FEW OF THESE 900 AND DAILY INSTANCES COULD PERHAPS BE PREVENTED?  I feel helpless and scared.  This site made me feel the tiniest bit less so. Give them a signature or some time or some money or whatever you can spare.

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