I wore it best.

Lots of glamour and innovation at the Emmy’s today, folks, as Hollywood’s finest hit the red carpet in their sunday best / cleavage. Lets go live to Bekah Brunstetter’s iPhoto booth!

YOW! Bekah  is sporting a balletish mini dress by Kimchi Blue for Urban Outfitters, which she had a real crisis about purchasing as she wasn’t sure if she was too old to enter an Urban Outfitters. Via this dress Brunstetter travels back in time / pretends that she did ballet as a child / was / is graceful and small.  Brunstetter is sporting freshly washed, still wet hair, bare lips, birkenstocks,  and remnants of last night’s eyeliner. When asked how she felt today, she said “wait Is this the one that’s for TV or the one that’s for movies or the one that’s for both?” She then found a popcorn kernel stuck in her bra.

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