Seattle with notes of San Fran

OH HI I’M IN VANCOUVER! For those just tuning, that’s Canada, which is basically America but everyone is just a lot nicer and there seem to be more trees and soup. Each year, by which I mean the last two years, my childhood and grownuphood friend Julien and I pick a place and go there.  We selected Vancouver for its food and hikes, as we both like to eat and climb things. The more cities you see, the more they become hybrids of each other. Vancouver is Seattle meets San Fransisco meets Chicago meets the scary shots of the warped future town in the Hunger Games, as its sky line 90 percent high rises. Basically, it’s quite beautiful and pristine, urban without being so ridiculously overpriced like every last US city where people with man buns and juice habits like to live. So far most notable: it’s beaches are accessible, sensical, and clean — values they seem to be very much ABOOT (CANADA JOKE / THE ONLY ONE.)

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