hey great meeting

Last week, Carrie relayed to me her husband Simon’s perspective on LA —  on meetings / jobs / job meetings:  no one here will ever say no. Simon is older and from England and so naturally, everything he says is true, but most definitely this. In the Hollyweird bidness, there is infinite politeness and boundless positivity. After meetings, I oftentimes get positive feedback, such as WE LOVED HER, which always leaves me feeling like: really? Why? Because I didn’t pee on the floor or punch anyone? But I  guess may I also know a thing or two, and so here are some tips re: how to have a great Hollywood meeting:

–  Show up on time or sort of on time.

– Show up on time or sort of on time wearing clothes.

– Have written or done something at least once prior to the meeting.

– Be able to talk in complete sentences or at least sort of complete sentences about that at least one thing you’ve previously written or done.

– Have a fun anecdote!

– Leave at the meeting’s natural end.

– Don’t kill anyone on your way out.

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