My parents have been going to the same church since I was 3, so I’ve gotten to see it morph  to keep up with the times and also possibly the Kardashians over the  years. There’s an armed cop in the lobby, the Pastor’s on twitter, you can tithe via text, pretty much everyone’s in jeans,  there are three services: traditional, less traditional, and you are practically not even at church at all, greetings are given to those ‘watching at home online,’ and MOST RECENTLY:

But the same spirit of love and generosity and genuine worship prevailed as we connected to wifi / took notes on our phones / snuck pictures of the sanctuary for our blog.  Numbers that coordinated to bad children flashed above the wireless password, and parents snuck out  to rescue them from some tormented sunday school teacher. That was me when I was wee, coloring in Abraham drawings, misbehaving, unaware of where I even was.

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