The little tomato web series that could, that I wasn’t sure if I had time to write for the marvelous Paten Hughes, actor slash tomato farmer, who I COULD NOT say no to, which I carved out pockets of time for, which I wrote for all my actor friends struggling with What Now, which I wrote in honor of every tomato I have ever met, may end up being like the best thing I’ve had the pleasure of working on end of sentence. I popped up to Sonoma this AM for day 3 of set, helped Paten deliver some tomato friends like a real tomato person, then to set, were I was delighted to find a  bunch  of stoked professionals hard at work on something I helped make IN IDYLLIC WINE COUNTRY. Something magic and special and grounded, all gardening puns intended, is 100% being made here,  and NO IT IS NOT THE FREE FRUIT SNACKS TALKING BUT MAYBE A LITTLE BIT IT IS. 

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