Worry or wonder or worrywonder that suddenly, something will mix up  in your brain, and you will suddenly think that red light means stop and vice versa and you will go plowing through a red one and into oncoming traffic? Or that collectively, all of us as drivers, we will simultaneously loose our minds / senses of decorum and self preservation and all run our cars into each other? Or that Apple is secretly or not so secretly the great evil force or ISIS and will text us all Amber Alerts simultaneously that make us all at once check our phones while driving which will send us all careening off of bridges and into each other while also off the bridge? Or marvel at what a miracle it is at all that we ARE HUMANS AND FALLIBLE AND WE DRIVE CARS AND THAT WE ABIDE BY TRAFFIC LAWS AND USUALLY DO NOT DRIVE OUR CARS INTO EACH OTHER? OR WONDER ABOUT ROBOT CARS AND WHAT THE CRAP THAT WILL BE?! AND THEN REALIZE THAT ACTUALLY  THERE ARE ALREADY ROBOT CARS AND I IN FACT BLINDLY FOLLOWING MY GPS AM PART CYBORG?

Just me? Oh. Okay.

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