Cinderella was all: A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. But lately for me, a dream is a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE YOUR HEART VOMITS WHILE YOU SLEEP FITFULLY. Dreams lately:

– that I’m out for a walk behind my office and I get bucked in the head by a giant deer and the writer’s assistant takes me in for brain surgery.

– last night: that my co-workers and I were trying to re-break an episode but we could because we were DROWNING IN A VAT OF BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE.

-That I come home and some giant rats that wear clothes have moved into my house

– actual dream my boss said she had about me: that her face was falling off and I wasn’t driving her to the hospital fast enough.

As all of these fever dreams indicate, it is nearly time for hiatus, in which we rest, think new and other thoughts, and dreams return to normal, sweet unicorn birds, calming cupcakes cars, breezy teachers from middle school trapped in large jello molds.

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