What the Heck I gotta do (to be with you)

Hi, I’m in my car two hours a day and This American Life is my buddy and Savior. They recently re-aired an ep from a year ago — a live show recorded at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in which they turn old (journalistic) radio stories into live pieces of art — operas, musicals, radio plays. The best one is  an adaptation of a piece about undercover cops in a high school — a love story.  A good kid, straight A student falls in love with an undercover cop, pines after her, gets entrapped, turned in. It’s transformed into a fourteen minute long musical by the incomparable Lin Manuel Miranda, who is saving musical theater by keeping it vibrant, relevant, who can turn feeling into song like Rogers and Hammerstein at a backyard Beyonce concert. I cannot, CANNOT stop listening to it. Going somewhere? Going nowhere at all? Get in your car or subway car anywhoo, and JOIN ME IN MY OBSESSION HERE.

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