Three Penny Opera!

Where have I BEEN. Last night, I saw my  Brecht’s Three Penny Opera for the first time,  at A Noise Within — a company in Pasadena that does incredibly tight, innovative productions of classical plays. And I MEAN. I MEAN. I hadn’t rubbed my face and or brain around in Brecht since grad school, but the thing that makes him so awesome is his insistence that the pageantry of theater be completely exposed — the wigs, the entrances, the scenery, no insisting that what’s being presented is anything more than a group of actors putting on a show, that was written, that is true, but not actual. Three Penny Opera is haunting, weird, relevant — but the coolest part — it premiered in 1928, and by the time Brecht was forced from Germany by Hitler — the play had been translated into some 50 languages and had been performed over TEN THOUSAND TIMES. Why, you ask? Because it can be interpreted in thousands of ways. I got lost after looking at hundreds of pictures of productions. A few:


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