‘Many, Many People Are Very Kind-Hearted’

Today, on people always want to connect with other people and isn’t that grand: Uber drivers. I just heard this great lil piece on NPR about drivers in Shanghai — a city of 28 million people, where a singular human can get lost. These drivers are  pilots, ex-engineers, divorcees, who are shuttling people around the massive city for money, yes, but also, to be able to interact with people they wouldn’t normally get to — and ultimately,  to feel less alone. Isn’t it grand that there are 7.125 billion people in the world which is something that I just know and not something I just googled, and that two of these people can find themselves alone together, in car, one driving the other to a party where they might talk to no one, or at least not in a real way — and one person can say to the other, I feel alone and here is why, and the other person can say: I have felt the exact same thing, and both can sit there in a comfortable silence, feeling understood?

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