we say these things

I love all of the weird things we say, on the regular, without thinking about what we are actually saying. We are saying the words, but we mean something else — not the literal words, but an idea that the words conjure. Like I’m gonna butter him up, which is not to say, I’m going to have the person remove their clothing, and then I’m going to grab a stick of butter, and apply said butter all over the person. Or cat got your tongue? which is not to say, Oh, did your tongue somehow get removed from your mouth and find its way to the floor and then the cat found it and has taken it somewhere? But the best: don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! which is surely not to say, hey, when you’re done washing your human child baby, and you’re trying to get rid of the water in which you bathed him, DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY THROW YOUR ALIVE HUMAN OFFSPRING BABY OUT THE WINDOW / INTO  THE TRASH.

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