Now I can barely keep up with the constantly shifting tides of politics in my own country, let alone those of others, so I cannot claim to know whether Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is a good or bad president, and these, of course, being relative terms, disclaimer disclaimer, etc etc etc. BUT. During a rally yesterday, a woman threw a mango at his head. And instead of having her arrested — he got her a new apartment. On the mango, she’d written ‘If you have time, call me,’ and her phone number. She’d been sharing a cramped space with numerous family members and wanted help with getting her own space. Maduro had an apartment for her within HOURS. I love this. It’s so wonderful and so absurd and a weird, pretty little example of a politician helping.


– Presidents are really busy and are, for the most part, inaccessible.

– We have concerns.

– It is had to relay our actual concerns to our actual president.

– So write your concern, concisely, on a piece of fruit, toss it at the president, then probably run for your very life.

– Keep it a small, soft-ish fruit.

– Probably do not throw a pineapple.

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