it gets me

I think when you’re writing on a show, You tend to have to remove yourself a bit emotionally from it,  as you’re trying to keep a bird’s eye view, make sure the lines make sense, make sure all hairs and cuffs are in place, that clear stories are being told. Work is work is work is work, until suddenly, there you are, on set, a grown person doing your job, quietly crying into your coffee.   We shot a scene this morning in which John, the lovable DW Moffett, is there for his daughter, Daphne, the luminous Katie LeClerc, in a big way, and I was suddenly overcome with a visceral love for my Dad. I flashed on all of the times he’s encouraged me and paid for things I did and did not need and kept a brave face for me. While I never imagined I’d end up writing for a family show —  I am so happy I do,  as WHAT IS MORE RESONANT? MORE IMPORTANT THAN FAMILY? I mean, politics? MEH.

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