Marine stuff

As many times as Tim explains to me what exactly it is that he does in the Marines, what his position is, what his responsibilities are, I can never quite wrap my brain around it, the reality, the logistics. I admire it, I am proud of him for doing it, but I will never full get it. Our phone call this morning:

Me: Heyyyyyy brother, what’s new?

Tim: I’m back from Marine-ing, I’m now Marine-ing in a new place. Hold on, gotta send a Marine thing to another Marine.

Me: All good. How’s it going?

Tim: Pretty good, we’ve just been Marine-ing, getting ready to move out and Marine. No plans to Marine far away any time soon, but we’re shipping out to SoCal for Marine training in a few weeks, so.

Me: YOU’LL BE IN CALIFORNIA?! Can I come see you?!


Me: Why not?

Tim:….Because I’m going to be Marine-ing. The whole time.

Me: But maybe for just a minute we go to Disneyland.

Tim:….No. We have to Marine.

Me: Aw, c’mon, they won’t even let you leave like just a little bit?

Tim: No, we have to protect the country.

Me: …Boo.

Tim: This makes me not want to protect you.

Me: Yep! I get it.

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