Brave enough to worship out loud

James Morrison’s mom (hi Cam!) paid my blog the nicest compliment, with one of the loveliest phrases I’ve heard in a while: she said that she likes reading these here musings, because I’m ‘brave enough to worship out loud.’ Isn’t that once of the best sentences you’ve ever heard? The phrase keeps swirling around in my head, and now I must dissect it.

– I do not spend much time wondering whether or not I am brave. This part of me is not frequently put to the test. I very much like the idea that I might be That, or that I am capable of being That.

– Does Worship require said Bravery?

– And: What is Worship? I know what it means, religiously, but does it mean something even larger, beyond that?  Does it also mean, to SHOUT GRATITUDE TO THE SKY AND CELEBRATE ALL THAT IS GOOD?

– If so, then yes. Yes yes yes. I am in fact brave enough, and I worship out loud and louder, as loud as typed words could ever shout.

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