Name sign!

In Sign Language, you get a name sign, so that your name doesn’t have to be finger spelled every time someone refers to you or you refer to yourself. I have been secretly longing for one since I started working on SAB, but you can’t just bestow one upon yourself. A deaf person must give it to you. We’ve got an awesome deaf writer in the room with us this week, and yesterday, to my EXTREME DELIGHT, she did just that. It’s nothin fancy but I am quite pleased with it. It’s the letter B, tapped quickly against the left side of the face. But I was warned: the sign is disturbingly close to those of Bitch (top left) in which you take the sign for Bekah name sign and sort of bitchily tap it against the front of your face,  and Beer (bottom left) in which you take the Bekah name sign and just sort of drunkenly drag it across your face.  CAREFUL, THERE!

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