Binge this.

TV, YOU ARE SO GREAT RIGHT NOW! The past week, I have been preaching this new Netflix show’s gospel to everyone I meet, spreading its word. It’s Tina Fey’s new genius mindbaby. Ellie Kemper plays a girl who spent the past 15 years in an underground bunker, after a cult leader convinced her that the apocalypse was coming. She gets rescued, and promptly moves to New York. The product is brilliant. It’d be too easy to just make a show about ‘naive girl from Indiana moves to the Big City! Does stupid things!’ But the layer of her literal separation from society for the past few decades makes her naiveté incredibly real and sympathetic. I love this show so much.  It is colorful, adorable, optimistic, but most importantly, it is SMART. It is not quirky, it is clever, and it is relevant. Tina first set it up at a network,  but they passed and are now most likely kicking themselves and also binging this show. While the Netflix / binge model of the hour long show, for me, promotes hermitage and ‘wait, when is the last time I stood up?’ I’m really liking the half hour show binge. Honestly, if Kimmy episodes were being dropped once a week — I MIGHT have disengaged. But this way, I can grab an episode here and there at my leisure. A 26 minute episode serves as a reward for work complete, but is not long enough to suck you out of work mode. It’s the best. TINA AND ALSO NETFLIX, DON’T EVER STOP.

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