I just wanted to voice in this public space that I am loving this new HBO show, so much. It’s about a married couple in LA, and their friends, their kids, their relationship.  Seems simple, right? Perhaps too simple? But like any good show: the world is perhaps familiar,  but the TONE, the SPECIFICS, the weird ways in which the characters express themselves, the worlds they find themselves in, all of these choices make the show explode with humor and sadness and grit. It’s arresting to watch it now, as I am not yet married — there are moments when the show makes me want to run screaming away, find celibacy in a cave somewhere forever.  But ultimately, it makes me sort of long for the complications that marriage brings. It makes me want to feel the sort of love and connection and need to protect and provide for and fight for that I think comes from having kids. It’s about the future.  It’s about love being tested by time, and what happens when two people continue to Grow Up way into their adulthoods.  Grown ups CAN play dodgeball and make new friends and accidentally drink mushroom tea. You get older, it gets harder, but it gets better, and life never stops surprising you. BRING IT, LIFE! IF YOU COULD ALSO BRING A DODGEBALL THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

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