To market, To market, to EAT ALL THE THINGS

Spanish do many things right, including but not limited to Naps and quality denim and MARKETS. Dan took me to La Boqueria in Barcelona and I just. I MEAN.

Fresh squeezed mango kiwi juice, paella, Octopus, Gelato, fried shrimp on a stick, face-sized tomatoes, the most beautiful produce you ever did see, empanadas, candy for days, Things that were maybe Goats? but don’t worry about it, spices, olives, cheeses, more of that questionable goat item.  You wander through, marvel and eat, and pretend that you’ve got your own food network show in which you really don’t know what anything is but are just like, can I have some of that?, and then you eat it, and you’re like this thing I’m eating is really good! It has nice qualities! and the camera guy is like, how the fudge did this girl get her own show? and the other camera guy is like, I have no idea, I feel like she doesn’t know anything about food, and I’m like I CAN HEAR YOU, and then I take a nap.

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