The Secret The Movie! was announced this week, and there’s already a fair amount of snark surrounding it. It’s going to be silly, why would they do this, the people working on it believe in fairies, etc. Reading said snark, I felt like a person who’d never looked at the internet before. I like, wait, these people are saying mean things and they don’t even KNOW me I mean how DARE they, I mean what do THEY know, oh, right, the internet. It’s funny that there is already negativity surrounding a project that’s all about the opposite. I had a moment about it, but will henceforth toughen up my skin,and  comfort myself with these facts:

– I’m really proud of what I wrote. I think it’s a great story. It’s not cynical like most things are today, but it’s hopeful. And I’m proud of that.

– I know I did my absolute best.

– I like to make lists. I will always have lists.

– I will also most likely take $ from the movie and buy myself a house with a garden.  I will visualize this very house. Haters, feel free to hate.

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