Again: these gals

I just checked myself, before I, you know, wrecked myself, to make sure, but I have YET TO REALLY BLOG ABOUT THE KILROYS. Apparently there have been way more important things like LOOK AT THIS PIE! and I CLEANED MY CLOSET! But honestly, being a part of this group is one of the best things I did in 2014. We’re a group of LA based playwrights, producers, and Lit Managers, and we came together to solve a single problem: gender parity in the theater. (You can read more about us HERE.) As Obama pointed out, it’s 2015 you guys! And women are still not getting paid the same as men for doing the same job. Similarly, there are just as many women writing plays as there are dudes, and yet still, when you look at the numbers, at the season announcements of major theaters throughout the US — the data is pretty bleak. It’s still mostly men getting their plays produced.

So, we created a survey, sent it out to hundreds of theater professionals, asked them to recommend their favorite un or underproduced plays by women they read in the last year, and created a list of the TOP UN OR UNDERPRODUCED PLAYS BY WOMEN, so that Artistic Directors could have, well, a list to peruse, and no longer be able to say, when asked why they don’t produce women, ‘Well, there just aren’t any good ones.’ We’re currently sifting through feedback we got after last year’s list, trying to figure out how to do it bigger and better this time around. I’ve never considered myself an activist. I don’t know a lot about a lot. I wrote a whole play about how I don’t understand Global Warming. There are so many unfair and terrible things happening in the world, it can be overwhelming. But, lesson: what we all can do, is rally around a single cause that we are passionate about, that involves what we do, what we love, and affect small but ultimately meaningful changes. Lesson OUT.

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