Brooke Pancake Signs Deal With Waffle House

I heard this headline on NPR this AM and nearly drove off the ROAD. Guys, turns out there is a pro golfer lady named Brooke Pancake, and she is the new face of the Waffle House. I guess the Waffle House CEO was like GUYS I HAVE THE BEST IDEA. I KNOW PEOPLE KEEP GETTING MURDERED IN OUR PARKING LOTS, BUT LETS TURN THIS AROUND, MKAY?

Here she is.

Is this her real name? What was her childhood like? Does she like pancakes? Does she sometimes skip breakfast? Does she have a small storage space full of pancake things friends have given her for Christmas? If she got married would she keep her name? Does she have a small dog named Lil Pancake? Is she happy? Is she real?

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