how to leave without leaving

After a tough week, Jammerson and I got the heck outta dodge, and went to the Getty, a beautiful museum complex seated on a hill above the city. I’ve somehow never been, even though I’ve lived here over two years (WHAT?! THAT’S TRUE.)  It’s kind of like stepping out of your life and onto another planet where the breeze is perfect and there are adorable Asian children everywhere.  Today was super clear and smogless:  an ideal day for gazing, contemplating the Big Questions, like: are painters less driven / gifted now, since the craft is no longer as valued? and I wonder if there are Sandwiches somewhere?, and spacing out, in general.

Without even really knowing what I needed or was looking for today, I found it all.

These busts of ‘Ideal Women’:

My next Bed:

And quality time with this guy.

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